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Megara flowers


I know my sense of smell is pretty strong, but sometimes it surprises even me.

I just did the annual job of writing down a list of people I'd received Christmas cards from (I generally aim to reciprocate the following year), and when I picked the final one up it smelt of mint. That seemed a bit surprising, but when I looked round I realised that in fact for two days between me taking the cards down and me writing the list, the pile of cards had been lying on top of a box of mints - with that one on the bottom.

The box had been closed all that time, and only had two mints left it in it anyway. But still it had apparently imparted enough scent for me to detect on picking up and opening the card.

I've also been known to notice plants growing in gardens several metres away, or that a particular item is available in the supermarket, not because I see them, but because I smell them. Plus these days of course it's a bonus sign that I (probably) don't have COVID! Long may that happy state continue.

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