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The Longest Journey

90% of Problems are caused by delivery of Nodding Dogs

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Lady Summerisle
Username: This journal was formerly known as purple_pen.

The basics: This is a personal journal, which I use for interacting with my friends, engaging with fandom and recording the things that I read, watch or listen to. You can get a pretty good idea of what I write about, and how much space different topics get, by viewing my tags page or looking at my interests list. Livejournal also functions as my main reading page, both for LJ-based journals and for other blogs which I read via RSS feeds.

For LJ users: I enjoy getting feedback on the entries I write, and like to keep up a good healthy reading list with a wide range of material on it, so I am generally keen to find and make new friends here. If I know you in real life and / or we have common interests, do please introduce yourself. Assuming that you look interesting and trustworthy, I'll be glad to friend you. On the other hand, I don't usually friend people who add me without saying anything. I'm perfectly happy for people to do that, but I normally assume that it means you only want to read my public entries, and aren't interested in interacting with me directly.

For non-LJ users: I am now on Dreamwidth as strange_complex, and cross-posting to LJ from there. I'm happy for people to comment on the LJ or DW entries, as they prefer. Anyone can read my public posts here on LJ, or subscribe to them from elsewhere via the RSS feed or Atom feed. I also post links to the DW versions of my posts to a filtered sub-group of my Facebook friends. You can comment on my LJ posts using your Facebook account, Twitter account, OpenID or several others. Just click 'leave a comment' at the bottom of a post, and then choose your preferred option from the drop-down 'From' menu at the top of the comment box.

Privacy: Because this is a personal journal focused on my friends and pastimes, I prefer to keep it separate from my professional identity. This means that I try to make sure that my Livejournal identity does not appear in association with my real name anywhere that is visible to Google, or anywhere on Facebook outside my own 'LJ friendly' filter. I'm happy for LJ users to know my real name and to interact with the accounts I have on other websites under that name. I'm also happy for people to share my public LJ content on other social networks. But I'd really appreciate it if you could take the same approach that I do, and not link my LJ content with my real name.

Contact details: If you're on my friends list, you'll find all my up-to-date contact details here.

Credits: I make all my usericons myself, and they are intended for my personal use only. Please don't take or copy them. Where someone else has had a significant creative input into an icon, this is credited in a comment. My journal layout is Her Fog, Her Amphetamine, And Her Pearls by grrliz.

1930s, academia, alessandro moreschi, all things gothique, alternative culture, ancient history, ancient religion, apollo, archaeological sites, archaeology, art deco, augustus, baroque opera, being human, belly of an architect, bisexuality, blackcurrants, books, boots, buffy the vampire slayer, c.j. cregg, castrati, champagne, chocolate, choral music, christopher chant, christopher lee, cicero, cities, classical epics, classical receptions, claudia cardinale, claudius, cocktails, coffee, corsets, countertenors, crispy aromatic duck, cult films, cult tv, dancing, daria, david cordier, diana wynne jones, doctor who, douglas adams, dracula, dreaming, e.m. forster, fantasy, federico fellini, feminism, festivals, fiction, flanders and swann, flared trousers, food, fry and laurie, funky girl pop, futurama, girls, greek statues, hammer horror films, handel, hercules the legendary journeys, i clavdivs, icons, italy, jeeves and wooster, kiss, late antiquity, latin, leeds, liberal democrats, liberalism, liquorice, long hair, mascarpone cheese, may day, memes, music, opera, orthopraxy, oxford, p.g. wodehouse, pandora peroxide, peter cushing, peter greenaway, philip pullman, pinstripe, platforms, pliny the younger, poirot, politics, polytheism, popular culture, punctuation, purple, purple agate, qi, radio 4, ritual, robin blaze, rodolfo lanciani, roman art, roman cities, roman coins, roman history, roman material culture, roman ruins, roman statues, romance, rome, roses, semillon chardonnay, severus snape, sex and the city, sherlock holmes, silver, singing, sleeping, sophia loren, strawberries, summer, summerisle, sunshine, symbolism, syncretism, syncretistic polytheism, terry pratchett, the today programme, the west wing, the wicker man, the worlds of chrestomanci, time travel, tom baker, tom lehrer, trajan, true blood, ulysses 31, universities, unrequited love, urban bovines, urban space, vampires, vincent price, vintage clothing, vivaldi, writing, xmas music

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