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Well, I have read The Half-Blood Prince now. I didn't actually think I'd be able to by the end of Saturday, being a verrrryy sllooooooww reader (basically I read at speaking pace). But I read for four hours when I first got home, and then all day once I woke up again at 1pm, so I've managed it.

Waiting in the queue for it was definitely worth doing. The time seemed to pass so quickly: even though I know we were there for over an hour, it felt more like about 15 minutes. We all gave way to our inner children, and spent a lot of time bashing each other over the head with the snot-green balloons which the WHSmith staff came out and gave us. We also got sweets, pencils and Panini stickers - my best trophy was a Ravenclaw house badge sticker, which davesangel very kindly gave me. 30 seconds before midnight, the WHSmith staff led us on a shouted count-down, and finally we all rushed forth to the tills, waving our pre-order receipts and our money.

Me being me, I turned straight to the back of the book at the earliest possible opportunity, and did a lot of gaping, boggling and "bloody hell"ing as I rapidly established the identity of the character who would die, the character who would kill them and the Half-Blood Prince. The first two certainly shouldn't have been a surprise, as I'd seen both stated in what actually turned out to have been remarkably accurate online spoilers earlier that day. But the power of having it all confirmed at last by JKR herself was nonetheless quite sensational. (Although I did spend a minute or two going through a phase of thinking "But this is so shocking and such a big thing for the characters concerned, have I actually been sold a fake copy made up by internet trolls, just to see if we all fall for it?")

Now I've read it properly, I of course have lots and lots of thoughts, questions and responses about it... However, I'm also horribly aware that I only have four days left until my Reading interview, and will be spending half of one of them travelling to England. So I am sitting in my office right now, about to do some more work on my presentation, and while I may be able to post full responses before I go to Reading, the odds are it'll actually have to wait until next weekend. Pity, because there's so much to say, but we have a good couple of years to chew it over until the next book comes out after all, whereas I don't have two years to get my presentation sorted!


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Jul. 17th, 2005 12:22 pm (UTC)
Step away from the book
Good luck with the presentation planning. I will be routing for you - it will be so good to have you in the same country and only a hop, skip and jump from London.

We'll have to sort out the Dublin Belfast thing too - can't get hold of my friends, but hope to hear from them by the end of today so should be able to make plans then.
Jul. 17th, 2005 12:44 pm (UTC)
Re: Step away from the book
Thanks! I like how you say "it will be so good" rather than "it would be so good". :)

I've been making notes on the department, and on what sort of things I could say about various topics they're likely to bring up today. Seems to be going OK, and I'm not thinking too much about Harry Potter.

Yes, do get in touch about Dublin / Belfast, although I might be a bit scatty and non-committal myself over the next few days while I concentrate on the Reading thing. Next weekend doesn't really exist for me right now, although rationally I do know that it's clear, and that we should be able to fix something up in that time.
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