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Seven day b/w challenge

Ten days ago, I was tagged in a Facebook meme which has been going the rounds. The rules were simple: 'Seven day b/w challenge. No people, no pets, no explanations.'

The timing of the tag could arguably have been better. It came half-way through our reading week, which meant that I was destined to spend four of the challenge's seven days at home. But I'd been enjoying watching other people's responses to the challenge, and was glad of the prod to have a go myself, so I took up the mantle.

I invented a couple of other self-imposed rules of my own: my photographs had to be taken on my phone on the same day that they were posted up for the challenge. I was allowed to convert them to greyscale (obviously!), but not otherwise edit them, including cropping. And I could not move things or set things up specially for the photographs - I had to be pointing my camera at things which were already there.

I wouldn't say it changed my life, or even my approach to photography, particularly profoundly. But it was nice to have a prompt to think of something to photograph each day, and it certainly did mean that I got to witness repeatedly and very directly how much black and white formatting can improve an otherwise fairly mediocre photo.

In any case, I'm pleased enough with the results to preserve them here. In proper old-school LJ style, there's one 'teaser' photo before the cut, and you'll find the rest behind it.

2017-11-08 09.36.31-2.jpg
Day 1: Wednesday

2017-11-09 10.03.48-2.jpg
Day 2: Thursday

2017-11-10 09.06.23-2.jpg
Day 3: Friday

2017-11-11 16.05.34-2.jpg
Day 4: Saturday

2017-11-12 12.50.19-1.jpg
Day 5: Sunday

2017-11-13 17.32.26-1.jpg
Day 6: Monday

2017-11-14 13.38.49-1.jpg
Day 7: Tuesday

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Nov. 18th, 2017 09:21 am (UTC)
Those did come out nicely! I like the reflection in the microwave.
Nov. 18th, 2017 09:48 am (UTC)
Cheers! The microwave one was the most popular on FB too. I think people were just in awe at the extreme shininess of its door. ;-)
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