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My first film of 2017, seen this afternoon with ms_siobhan and planet_andy at the Hyde Park Picture House. They were, of course, showing it in tribute to the late Debbie Reynolds, and I'm pleased to say that she got a healthy audience and a round of applause at the end.

Ironically, having made a point of clearing my review backlog so that I could start my 2017 film reviewing with a blank slate, I find I don't have a huge amount to say about the actual film which I didn't already say four years ago when we saw it at the Cottage Road cinema. I can certainly say that I came out of the second viewing feeling just as enthusiastic about it as after the first, though. It is a bit bare-faced about crow-barring the song and dance numbers into the plot, but you forgive it anyway for doing so with a nod and a wink, and for being so consistently funny and beautiful the whole way through. And I think it's probably humanly impossible not to be just a little bit in love with Gene Kelly by the end of it all.

One thing I see I didn't mention in my last review (but ms_siobhan did in a comment!), and which deserves due tribute, is this wonderful Silent Movie Vamp Lady in her spider-web dress:

Singin spider web dress.png

Singin spider web dress 2.JPG Singin spider web dress 3.JPG

Simply, wow!

One more thing which should be noted here, and which I've only just realised while filling in the tags for this entry: I have now been reviewing all the films I see here on LJ consistently for ten whole years. Here's where it all began, with Metropolis in January of 2007. I have sometimes got behind on my reviews, and felt burdened-down as a result, but overall I am heartily glad that I have done it. It has definitely helped me to get an enormous amount more out of what I see, both at the time of viewing and while writing about it afterwards. I think it has also enabled me to home in more efficiently on films I will actually like. Whether I will keep it up for another ten years from now remains to be seen, but I certainly don't intend to stop any time soon.

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Jan. 9th, 2017 11:48 am (UTC)
i think it would have to go in my list of all time favourite films - the colour is just so gorgeously saturated, the outfits absolutely to die for, the make em laugh routine always leaves me open mouthed that someone can walk up walls (even though I know they're on a slant to ease this) and so does the 'beautiful girls' section - partly because of the laughable sexism but also because of the wonderful outfits and the nod to Busby Berkely musicals in the choreography and even though in lots of ways it's a very traditional hetero boy meets girl story I think it's also quite unusual in showing a man mooning about the woman he's fallen in love with - the Singing In The Rain sequence and he is desperately trying to find her, she did find him attractive (and I'm not surprised as Gene Kelley is absolutely delicious) but we don't see her mooning about being ineffective waiting for him to find her and she's got herself a job without his help too when he does find her.
Plus last but not least the insights and barbs about the hollywood machine itself - all wrapped up in a seemingly sacharrine sweet musical.

It's the third time I've seen it on the big screen and I would watch it again tomorrow - it's utterly glorious.

And in the opening sequence when he is describing their rise to fame - the dance sequence with him, Donald O'Connor and the fiddles is utterly incredible. And one of the towns they play in Arizona is called Dead Man's Fang - what a fabulous name for a town.
Jan. 9th, 2017 02:20 pm (UTC)
You're absolutely right about Kathy and how independent and successful in her own right she is. I had not noticed about Dead Man's Fang though - superb!
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