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Attention Chrestomanci fans!

Someone on dianawynnejones today posted up a link to a PDF file containing the first chapter (16 pages) of Conrad's Fate, which is due to be published on March 7th.

It looks extremely promising, and delightfully fresh in both style and content (i.e. no rehashing of an old idea to sell books, here). Most surprising to me was the discovery that it is written in the first person, our narrator being the eponymous Conrad. I know this is a first for the Worlds of Chrestomanci series, and I can't think of any other DWJ books I've read before which use the same device (although there are plenty I haven't read).

Plot so far seems to be about a bunch of unscrupulous magicians who are playing with the concept of the related worlds by occasionally tweaking the chain of events within their world, so that everything works out better for their business enterprises than it would have done if left alone. Side-effects like post-boxes changing from red to blue, or the titles of books changing when they make their tweaks are of no concern to them. Plenty of scope for interesting developments, I think. There's also a rather charming reference to a series of children's books which Conrad likes to read with titles such as Peter Jenkins and the Headmaster's Secret, Peter Jenkins and the Hidden Horror and Peter Jenkins and the Magic Golfer. Naughty old Diana! ;)

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