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What on earth is this post about? All explained here.

Name: John Frieda Beautiful Brunette

Price: £1.99 for 50ml = £3.98 for 100ml

No. of applications: 3 from a 50ml bottle = c. 6 per 100ml = c. 66p each

Smell: Slightly almondy.

Appearance in hand: Beige in colour. Looked almost exactly like a thick & creamy toffee yoghurt, or possibly a slightly melty version of the inside of a Thornton's cappuccino truffle.

Feeling when applied: Went into the hair OK, but left a slightly greasy film on my hands, which didn't feel too great.

First brush while still wet: Good - brushed through well.

Hair once dry: Good at the top, but a bit straggly further down.

Later brush: Also good. Lay nicely, stragglers seemed to calm down after a second brush, and had a decent sheen. Not quite as sheeny as some conditioners I have tried during this experiment, though.

Overall: Another good performance. Dealt with knots effectively, and left me with nice-looking hair once dry. Only complaints would be the slightly weird feeling of the greasy film left on my hands after application, and the fact that it did not leave quite such a sheen on my hair as some competitors. However, it is considerably more expensive than some of the other conditioners I have tried, which I think in the end is likely to mean I don't bother returning to it. 8/10.

This now brings me to the end of the eight different commercial conditioners which I originally set out to try. However, the experiment isn't over yet, because I am now going to follow a_d_medievalist's advice and try out a vinegar rinse. That's more likely to become something I use occasionally as a supplement to normal conditioner, a bit like they way I also sometimes treat my hair with VO5 hot oil, rather than a total replacement for a commercial conditioner. But I may as well give it a proper try for a few washes now, while I am in the swing of experimenting.

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May. 7th, 2013 11:27 am (UTC)
My mum used to rinse our hair in malt vinegar as kids to stop us getting nits. Which might have had some effect as I never did get nits. This is probably not a concern that you have however ;-p
I have known of friends with dreds using apple cider vinegar to prevent fungus and other nasties developing.

I'll be very interested to hear how you get on with this one!
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