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What on earth is this post about? All explained here.

Name: L'Oreal Colour Protect

Price: £1.39 for 50ml = £2.78 for 100ml

No. of applications: 3 from a 50ml bottle = c. 6 per 100ml = c. 46p each

Smell: A little bit like a sun-cream which my Mum used to use when we were children.

Appearance in hand: Texture - similar to the Tresemmé conditioner which I tried. Colour - white.

Feeling when applied: Absorbed easily, felt like it was doing some good.

First brush while still wet: Not that great the first time I tried it, but then again it was the first time I had washed my hair after getting back from New York and spending three days dying of jet-lag. Seemed much better on subsequent uses.

Hair once dry: A bit fly-away at first, but settled into smoother, neater locks later in the day

Later brush: Very good. The bottle says something about this product including some kind of 'nourishing ingredient' which 'transforms' the surface of the hair, and I really did notice a distinct and very welcome sheen to my hair while I was using it.

Overall: I think I really liked this conditioner, in particular for the sheen-y layer which it put on my hair. But because the bottle only included three applications' worth, I don't quite feel that I had enough chance to judge it properly. That's L'Oreal's fault in a way for choosing to put their travel-sized conditioner in a 50-ml bottle, and if I was less sure about the conditioner I'd probably just say "Bad luck, guys - you ruled yourself out." But I'm already thinking that after I've worked my way through these small sample bottles, I might buy a full-sized bottle each of the top three, and give them a fuller trial. I'd like this one to be part of that trial. 8/10.

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    I think just 'not being Trump' proved to be enough!
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    Yes, that's it. Just having someone in charge who isn't actively making things worse for the world is a big relief.
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    There are many, many doubts and worries. But still, there is an enormous rock of anguish that has been weighting on my soul since the first days after that monster's election which has now lifted.
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