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What on earth is this post about? All explained here.

Name: L'Oreal Colour Protect

Price: £1.39 for 50ml = £2.78 for 100ml

No. of applications: 3 from a 50ml bottle = c. 6 per 100ml = c. 46p each

Smell: A little bit like a sun-cream which my Mum used to use when we were children.

Appearance in hand: Texture - similar to the Tresemmé conditioner which I tried. Colour - white.

Feeling when applied: Absorbed easily, felt like it was doing some good.

First brush while still wet: Not that great the first time I tried it, but then again it was the first time I had washed my hair after getting back from New York and spending three days dying of jet-lag. Seemed much better on subsequent uses.

Hair once dry: A bit fly-away at first, but settled into smoother, neater locks later in the day

Later brush: Very good. The bottle says something about this product including some kind of 'nourishing ingredient' which 'transforms' the surface of the hair, and I really did notice a distinct and very welcome sheen to my hair while I was using it.

Overall: I think I really liked this conditioner, in particular for the sheen-y layer which it put on my hair. But because the bottle only included three applications' worth, I don't quite feel that I had enough chance to judge it properly. That's L'Oreal's fault in a way for choosing to put their travel-sized conditioner in a 50-ml bottle, and if I was less sure about the conditioner I'd probably just say "Bad luck, guys - you ruled yourself out." But I'm already thinking that after I've worked my way through these small sample bottles, I might buy a full-sized bottle each of the top three, and give them a fuller trial. I'd like this one to be part of that trial. 8/10.

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