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What on earth is this post about? All explained here.

Name: Dove Damage Therapy Intensive Repair

Price: 99p for 50ml = £2 for 100ml

No. of applications three from a 50ml bottle = six per 100ml = 33p each.

Smell: Mild and inoffensive.

Appearance in hand: Pale yellow colour. Texture of first helping like thick-ish cake mix. Came out of the bottle in distinct 'worms' rather than as a pool of gloop. No real sheen or shine to it. But also became looser and creamier further down the bottle. Lesson - shake each bottle carefully in future before starting to use the contents.

Feeling when applied: First helping had an odd sort of rough, scrapey feel to it, a bit like there was silica or mica in it or something. Kind of like the feeling of a graphite pencil travelling over the surface of some paper, as opposed to the silkier feel of my old conditioner. But again, this had gone by the third (and last) application.

First brush while still wet: Not great the first time. Hair quite matted and tangly, required quite a lot of patience to get the knots out. Could still feel the roughish texture that was there in the shower on application. Much better by the third application.

Hair once dry: Also not great the first time. A lot of rather frizzy-looking stragglers floating free of the main body of the hair. But again got better.

Later brush: Improved texture, even the first time - stragglers seemed to settle down, and hair felt OK, but a bit dry and dull. By end of the bottle, perfectly acceptable.

Overall: On the one hand, this wasn't as bad as the first application made me think. On the other, I don't want a conditioner that is as vulnerable as this one to settling out and performing badly as a result. Also, presumably its average performance even when properly mixed is still somewhere closer to the initial rough-feeling experience than I would like. Definitely worse than my old Garnier conditioner, but not catastrophically bad. 6/10.

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