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This post is part of a regular series made largely for my own benefit. You can pretty much scroll right past.

Roman World / City in the Roman World - uploaded more (anonymous) first-class essays to the VLE for students who got lower grades to see.
Dissertations - read a student's plan and held a meeting with him about it.

Held a plagiarism hearing.
Made module reviews and programme reviews available on the department's VLE area, so that students can see how we are responding to their feedback.

Held a preparatory meeting with one of my PhD students for a conference he is running this week.
Attended the conference itself (a two-day event), including chairing a session.
Began sketching together the sorts of things I will say in my AHRC application. Just notes so far, not continuous prose, but it's a start. Read a very helpful book chapter about approaches to fascist engagement with the Classical world which has clarified my understanding of some paradigms which I can present my work as challenging.

Attended a tutors' meeting.

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