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So, as mentioned at the end of my last post, I'm going to try doing a posting meme. Specifically, after softfruit's example, a 25 Days of Christmas one.

This is the list which I will be using:

Day 01- Post an audio of one of your favourite Christmas songs

Day 02- Which has been your favourite Christmas of all time?

Day 03- Best gift ever received

Day 04- Best gift ever given

Day 05- Favourite Christmas television

Day 06- Favourite Christmas film

Day 07- Favourite memory

Day 08- A holiday dessert of your choosing

Day 09- Best holiday traditions

Day 10- Do you give to charities or other people around the holidays? Which is your cause of choice?

Day 11- Are you any good at wrapping presents? Describe a gift wrapped by you.

Day 12- Favourite Christmas book

Day 13- Describe your typical Christmas Eve

Day 14- Sneak a peek at gifts or wait it out?

Day 15- Do you still believe in Santa Claus? If no, how did you find out he was fake?

Day 16- Most meaningful Christmas memory

Day 17- What is your absolute favourite part of the holidays? Only one.

Day 18- If you could spend the holiday any place in the entire world, with whomever you want, where would you be and who would you be with?

Day 19- Your view on eggnog.

Day 20- One Christmas wish.

Day 21- A detailed explanation of what your house looks like on December 25th.

Day 22- Name all nine reindeer without using a search engine.

Day 23- The Grinch or Scrooge?

Day 24- Why is Christmas important to you?

Day 25- Describe your day. Merry Christmas :-)

I've already modified that a bit from the source, partly just to Anglicise the spelling, but also because there is no point in posting two favourite Christmas songs and I don't have a favourite Christmas 'album', so I have replaced those with my favourite Christmas book and TV series instead. I reserve the right to modify it further as I go along.

So, today I have to identify my favourite Christmas song. Quite a difficult task, actually, because I unapologetically love Christmas music. I love the way that 'Christmas music' is a recognisable genre which does have a sort of coherence, and yet encompasses such a spread of other genres, all the way from sentimental schmaltz to punk. And I love the way that that very fact encapsulates exactly what I love about Christmas itself - the way it creates a sense of connection between different people and places and traditions where one otherwise wouldn't exist. Plus music is just such a powerful tool for generating that magical sense of mythic time, and I for one am very happy to surrender myself to that feeling. So there are a lot of individual Christmas songs fighting for that coveted number one slot in my affections.

For today, though, I will select Greg Lake's song, 'I Believe in Father Christmas':

I love its sad, fragile nostalgia, which I guess is part of what Christmas becomes about when you reach adulthood. I love the fluid guitar line, which sounds like a stream rippling by, and the light purity of the vocals. And I love the whole genre which Christmas music has crossed over into here - post-hippy era guitar ballads lamenting the state of the world, sung by people with flares and long hair.

There's actually very little music I don't love from the 1970s, and it is part of exactly what I love about that decade that it seems to have managed to be such a golden age of Christmas music as well. So it was more or less inevitable I was going to choose something from that decade. Close contenders included Boney M's 'Mary's Boy Child', Mike Oldfield's 'In Dulci Jubilo' and The Wombles 'Wombing Merry Christmas' (don't even dare to judge me!). But this one wins today.

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