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Steps in my spring

I have been out in my garden doing some weeding this afternoon, and am impressed to find that the top of my garden has become a genuinely pleasant place to be. This is what the garden looked like when I first moved in:

Basically featureless and neglected, and set on a very steep slope complete with the sunken ghosts of old grassed-over flowerbeds, which meant that my poor little electric lawnmower simply couldn't cope with the job, and kept overheating and conking out.

Most of it, to be fair, is still pretty much like that. But just over a year ago, I got my gardener to rip out all the wild brambles and ferns from the bank at the top, and plant a nice mixture of flowering shrubs, heathers and ferns instead. Then this January, he also replaced the awful dangerous rotting wooden pallet which was serving as a flight of 'steps' to go up the bank into the area behind where the shed stands with a proper flight of nice brick steps with Yorkshire stone treads:

So this is what the area looks like now:

There are even branches with apple blossom and weeping willow fronds drooping down from the adjoining garden, and eventually the rose bushes which I have planted either side of the arch in the trellis will grow their way up and over and make a lovely conjoined bower.

There's still a lot wrong with the garden as a whole, but this does feel like a genuine 'step' (boom-tish) in the right direction.

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