Lady Summerisle (strange_complex) wrote,
Lady Summerisle

5. The Muppets (2011), dir. James Bobin

I saw this with ms_siobhan at the Cottage Road cinema on a brilliantly sunny Sunday afternoon (see picture), and it was fab. Obviously I normally like to review the films I've seen in exhaustive detail, but that would rather spoil this one I think. It was just ace fun - really owning the naff songs and the campy nostalgia and rolling with it, and absolutely packed with self-referential humour and word-play. A lot of the celebrity cameos were lost on me, but I appreciated the ones I did recognise - especially Emily Blunt and Sarah Silverman. And as far as I could tell the children in the cinema enjoyed it as much as me and ms_siobhan, although we were definitely laughing at quite different bits. Highly recommended - but I'm sure you know that already.

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Tags: comedy, films, films watched 2012, friends, leeds, reviews

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