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Moulins Rouges

My sister and I watched some scenes from my DVD of Moulin Rouge (1952), which I wanted to take a peek at because it is one of my Christmas presents, and she was curious to see because she is a) very interested in Toulouse Lautrec and b) mad about Moulin Rouge! (2001). She went from saying she was glad she wasn't going to see the whole thing, because she didn't like the way Toulouse Lautrec was portrayed (as a grumpy misanthrope), to extracting a promise from me that we would watch the whole thing together next time she came to stay with me in Belfast. I certainly look forward to this, because during the extracts we looked at today, she was continually making comments such as 'Oh, that shot is set up to look exactly like a painting by Manet!', and so on. I could certainly spot several visual references to Toulouse Lautrec's paintings, but my knowledge of French art is nothing like hers (she took several modules on it for her French degree), so I'm sure she'll help me to get more out of the film when we do watch it together.

Other business for today included our traditional family visit to the Walton household, where we ate canapes, sipped Cava and generally made merry, whilst lavishing more attention and admiration on little Holly. We brought along our presents for her, and she seemed to like the purple donkey I gave her (although the wrapping paper was equally well-received). Charlotte gave her a set of soft balls which make different sounds, and are all mounted on a stand which meant you could spin them round, and Mum gave her a board book entitled 'Mog in the Garden'. Given that her mother is the lady who once read an entire book while in the loo, and that little Holly has already been read to every day since she was born, it is pretty much a foregone conclusion that she will become an avid reader. Apparently, she already has her own personal bookshelf in the nursery.

For our evening meal today, we had slow-cooked lamb, which was absolutely delicious: really tender, so that it was just falling off the bone in huge chunks, and surrounded by juicy vegetables.

At 9pm, my friend Fleur (WINOLJ) will arrive for some chatting and catching up, and then at 11:45pm I shall enjoy the first of a series of 'Fireside Tales' being read by Christopher Lee over the next few days on Radio 2.

So not too much of a boring old Boxing Day after all, then.

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