Lady Summerisle (strange_complex) wrote,
Lady Summerisle

A heads-up for those academics on my friends list

Particularly scientific academics at the moment, but it could develop further:

Google Scholar

It searches specifically for articles and books, linking you to the text of the article if publically available online, or allowing you to do a library search for it or search for references to it on the web if not. It also provides links to all web sites which have cited the work.

Could become a viable replacement for lots and lots of individual bibliographic databases if it develops successfully. I guess it all depends on how much demand for it there seems to be.

Oh, and can I be the only person who just wants the two 'o's in Google to be little eyes, with a mortar board balancing above them? Perhaps they considered it and decided it was too twee?
Tags: academia, google, the intermaweb

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