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Attention UK-based cult TV fans

I'm not giving big guarantees about this, as I haven't seen it yet... But you just might like to check out a new series entitled 'Kingdom Hospital' (IMDb page here, BBC cult TV page here), which starts tonight on BBC2.

It's Stephen King's remade version of Lars von Trier's original 'Riget' (Danish for 'The Kingdom'), which some of us here in Oxford got pretty excited about. I'm wary of Stephen King remaking something so unusual, but according to a few reviews I've seen by Americans who've already seen it aired in the States, it does seem to be coming across pretty well. Not just shlock horror, but atmospheric and character-driven, like the original.

Anyway, this is what DigiGuide (find out what it is if you don't know; get it if you don't have it) has to say about the first episode (a longer-than-normal pilot):

DRAMA: Kingdom Hospital
Channel: BBC 2
Date: Sunday 9th May 2004
Time: 22:00 to 23:20 (starting this evening)
Duration: 1 hour and 20 minutes.
Thy Kingdom Come.
Spine-chilling drama series set in a haunted hospital. A victim of a hit-and-run accident is admitted to Kingdom Hospital, and awakes from his coma able to make contact with the spirits inhabiting the hospital.
Starring: Andrew McCarthy, Bruce Davison, Ed Begley Jr, Diane Ladd, Jack Coleman, William Wise
(New Series, Widescreen, Subtitles, Audio Described)

I shall certainly be watching with anticipation!

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