Lady Summerisle (strange_complex) wrote,
Lady Summerisle

10. Dark Knight (2008), dir. Christopher Nolan

Seen this evening at the Light with gillywoo, nikkyboy, glennkenobi and blondelass.

Yup, good stuff. Basically exactly what you expect from a Batman movie these days. You know, dark and long and with big explosions. I realised as I was sitting down that I could hardly remember anything about the plot of the last one - but it didn't matter, and nor will the fact that I can't remember the plot of this one tomorrow morning, either.

Michael Caine was probably the best thing in it, but Morgan Freedman and Gary Oldman gave good value too. I cannot believe it is wise for anyone to ride around on a big powerful motorcycle while wearing a long flowing cape, though.

Oh, and a piece of advice if you go and see it (don't worry, not a spoiler): blondelass and I sat right through the entirety of the closing credits, just in case there would be something 'extra' after them... and there wasn't. So save yourself five minutes, and don't do that.

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