Lady Summerisle (strange_complex) wrote,
Lady Summerisle

New Who 4.9, Forest of the Dead


Just two things to say:

1. So Evangelista can be either pretty and dumb, or ugly and bright? Because those are the two choices women have, apparently. Fuck that.

2. River Song's death scene was moving and poignant, and, despite my reservations last week, it really made me like her. What a pity it then had to be completely ruined by the WTF-everyone-goes-to-heaven scene.


3. Actually, make that three things. At the end of this story, the biggest library in the Universe is a no-go zone; a deadly place where no-one should set foot. And meanwhile, River Song is expected to live on in happiness in a computer-generated virtual world. Just - every level of NO.


Tags: cult tv, disappointments, doctor who, gender, reviews, ten

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