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I'm back from London now, where I had a fabulous time. My various hosts (Friday = Charlotte and Nicolas, Saturday = mr_tom and missfairchild and Sunday = rosamicula) made me feel extremely welcome, cooking me fabulous meals, taking me out to interesting places, providing comfortable beds and generally being a delight to spend time with. Many thanks to all of you, and I hope you will make return visits up to Leeds before long!

I also decided I like London itself more than I'd thought, probably mainly as a function of the rather nice bits of it I got taken to over the weekend. I tend to think of it as grey, grating and tedious to get around, but while there is a strong case to be made for all of that, it does also have places like St. James' Park, the general Whitehall area, Banqueting House, the South Bank area, Borough Market, The Crown pub in Islington, Tate Modern and its very own Mithraeum, all of which combined to make up my weekend there.

My thinking when setting off for the weekend was that I was going primarily to see people, with the location they all happened to live in being of very little importance. But while people remained the primary focus, I'm prepared to concede now that the place turned out to have something to offer, too.

I'm still glad I'm moving to Leeds instead, though.


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Jun. 27th, 2006 11:16 am (UTC)
One day I must take you round Roman London and show you all the nooks and crannies that most people don't know about.
Jun. 27th, 2006 11:21 am (UTC)
Borough Market is five minutes from my workplace! I can't allow myself to go there too often, though, or I'd come home with an entire wheel of parmesan.
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