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It's been a pretty creative weekend.

Friday night saw the genesis of a colour bar and a couple of new / revamped icons.

Saturday was all about sorting out my costume for the Dark Masquerade Ball on January 27th. I'm keeping schtum about what it will be until the night, because, after all, what's the point of having a masked ball if you already know who everyone is because you knew what costume they'd be wearing? But suffice it to say that progress has been made, and I'm getting quite excited now.

Then today I caught the bus down to Abingdon to see redkitty23's new house, and help out with the painting. It's a very pretty little Georgian cottage, tucked down a little passageway out of the way of the main roads, and with lots of lovely period features, like exposed stone, a red tile floor, a beam over the cooker and open fireplaces. Not big, but definitely charming.

She had to move all her stuff in during the week, without having a chance to paint first, so there was a certain amount of stepping round furniture to do. But she, Cat, aef and I got on down to it (with occasional breaks for Fortifying Soup or biscuits), and by the time I left we'd made a real difference. Cheap and cheerful yellow and orange had given way to sophisticated and period-appropriate Dried Biscuit and Venetian Pink.

I do feel just a little achy now, but I'm sure the exercise did me good, and it was fun to help a friend settle in to her new nest.

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